Welcome! If you’re wondering what this is all about then please have a look at the ‘About’ page. But’s it’s nothing complicated really. I just wanted a place where I could go online to remind myself of all the good that was happening in the world. And so I want to start with one of the people who inspired it, in fact he is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to seeing the world as it is and imagining not only how it could be, but how this might come about.

Peterson Toscano is a friend of mine;  a wonderful theatrical performer/writer and LGBTQ activist. I first came across him when I went to see his one-man show ‘Doin’ Time At The Homo No Mo’ HalfWay House’; a moving and hilarious  play about what it’s like to spend time, a lot of time in Peterson’s case, in an ex-gay program. Ex-gay groups are those which try to de-gay people, save them from themselves and make them all nice and straight. In case you were wondering, they don’t tend to be very successful in this quest and I’m sure you can imagine the kind of damage they cause.

Here is a clip of Peterson in Homo No Mo:

And here is a link to Peterson’s latest blogpost on which you can find his new podcast, Queer and Queerer, which features discussion about how to do activism, leaving Catholicism and the show that my husband and I are loving at the minute, Glee 🙂


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  1. Shirley, thank you for all the support you give me and Glen. It means a lot more than you know.

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