Good Mews!

(Sorry, completely rubbish pun)

Thanks to Amy Hatch for passing this on to me. Lovely to have good news about what’s happening in Northern Ireland from my favourite resident American! 🙂

Sometimes people are good. Sometimes we take clichés like ‘sport transcends boundaries’ and we damn well make them work.  My 5 year old is the only person who lives in our house who enjoys football and as yet she hasn’t realised that it’s something you can watch on TV, something you can get obsessed with, something that can take over your entire life. Right now that place in her heart is reserved for Dora the Explorer. But maybe someday she’ll be into football like that (and in this eventuality I will refer her to her Uncle Barry who can explain the offside rule and, well, all of the other rules). If that day comes I want to show her this story about a group of people who live on Iris Mews off the Springfield Road in West Belfast; a group of people getting excited about the coming World Cup and letting the joy of it seep over the edges and onto the street. Who said flag waving can’t be a good thing?

You can read the story here.


2 responses to “Good Mews!

  1. ian (father of 5-yr old!)

    hey, i can explain the offside rule!

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