It is easy to find stories about darkness and stories that make us want to give in to despair, but you have to go looking for those stories about what people do in the darkness to keep moving forward. I wanted this website to be a place where it would be easy to find those stories. For myself, I want to learn the habits of hope. I want to remind myself that there are people in the world who are determined to add to the good in spite of the bad. I want to be clear about the intention; it is not to ignore the bad stuff, it is to look despair in the face and to choose not to not give in. The Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci called for “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”. It is my personal belief that we have no better no option than this if we want to see personal and wider social change.

Please send me any stories of hope that you know of, it doesn’t matter how small or large they seem. Send your stories or links to:



4 responses to “About

  1. this is a great idea. loving it.
    thanks for creating this space. i look forward to sending you stuff.

  2. this is great. i like very much indeed. looking forward to how it develops!

  3. Brilliant idea. Look forward to visiting!

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